The sun had barely risen. Its dim light streamed through the cracks of thick trees, casting long shadows over snow-covered ground. The forest was quiet except for the shrill snapping of twigs and crunching of snow as a giant, lumbering beast forced its way through the thick brush searching for its breakfast.
Many of the forest’s residents cowered in hiding places. They didn’t expect to avoid the monster, that was impossible. Instead, they prayed it would eat its fill before finding them. Faster animals ran – frantically trying to escape before it could catch their scent and chase them down.
But ten-year-old Danny McCallister was safe. Though he was close enough to experience it all, he was only a silent spectator – moving through the trees like the wind.

• • •

Death Goes to a Bar

People often ask me if I drank alcohol while I was alive. Actually, nobody asks me that. But if they did, I’d say “no.” You see, I was never alive. I was born Death. But I wasn’t the first Grim Reaper. Not even close.

• • •

Death Visits a Psychiatrist

My bones creaked as I stretched my legs. I was too tall for the couch I was laying on and my feet dangled over the edge of the arm rest. They were bare and, like the rest of me, milky white. I often wondered if I should invest in a pair of shoes or something. I mean, I didn’t really need them but I did look pretty silly with nothing on my feet. Maybe a pair of high tops.

• • •

Guardian – A Teddy Bear’s Story

Of all the Bears around, Zeek has the highest record. Not a single Nightmare has beaten him. But he’s getting old. His speed and strength aren’t what they used to be. But what’s worse is the constant thought in the back of his mind. What happens when his boy outgrows him?

• • •
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